Community Service Projects

Are you looking for a class project? We have several projects that can be made or assembled. There are some examples featured here to get you started. If you have any questions, just ask:

Washable Sanitary Pads

You may wonder why we would suggest making sanitary pads. In America, if a girl has a period she goes to the store and purchases disposable sanitary pads. However, in the Sub Sahara families are living in extreme poverty. They can barely afford to buy food for their family as they earn under $1.25/day. Sanitary pads are a luxury which they cannot afford. So, when a girl has a period, she doesn't go to school to save herself the embarrassment. We make washable sanitary pads that are distributed to impoverished women and girls in those countries where we are established. To date, we have distributed thousands of our volunteer made pads in Cameroon and Uganda.

Help us make some washable pads and you will help to keep a girl in school throughout the month and into the next. For a pad pattern, please write to:





Teacher's Corner

Kids That Care Club was developed to advocate for quality education for all. Our series of lesson plans are designed to be incorporated into the daily curriculum in a variety of classes, such as social studies, environmental studies, social justice, more. The lesson plans are divided into school aged groups: Elementary School, Middle School, High School and are available to download, free of charge.

Deaf girl holding welcome card

A student asks: "I want to get involved - what can I do?"

Let's take an example of a Middle School student that wants to get involved with KTCC. In our Educational Series we have lesson plans according to grade level. For Middle School, we have 2 lesson plans: Water & Sanitation and Ebola Outbreak. Let's look at the Water & Sanitation Lesson Plan. Water access in the Congo is deplorable and sanitation is seriously lacking. The student can ask his/her teacher if their class can do a project on water/sanitation. As they get involved in the research they can develop a fundraising campaign that brings the lack of water/sanitation issue to the attention of the community.

Most schools require community service and our projects are all applicable to community service hours. Also, water & sanitation is directly related to health, environmental conditions, disease, etc. We have Pennies for Potties and Keep Kids in School fundraising containers. Let us know if you would like to participate in this campaign.

Our clubs help our youth to gain confidence and responsibility while developing leadership, citizenship and life skills. If you have questions about our programs, please feel free to email us at:

We hope to have your school join our family of clubs. Thank you for helping us to advocate for deaf children and impoverished girls in Africa.

Kids That Care Club (KTCC) is a division of Rose Academies, Inc., a 501(c)3 corporation.